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Getting Started with Personal Training in Grove City

Before beginning any personal training regimen, it is critical to make sure you are starting off of the right foot. In order to do that, a new client training consultation is usually the best place to start.

Personal training consultations are used to help our trainers get to know you better. Before ever lifting a weight or turning on the treadmill, we want to better understand you and your goals as they stand today. Understanding your background and what has brought you to the gym will help inform the workouts and game plan necessary to ensure your success.

Many of our clients come to us from various fitness backgrounds. For some, it is the first of the year and they are trying to get started on a brand new New Year’s resolution. For that, we are your advocate! For other clients, they may be coming off of a recent surgery and need to improve their strength and subsequently their quality of life. Still others just simply want to feel better and more fit.

Whatever the case may be, one of our Grove City personal trainers will meet with you one on one to break down how exactly you would define success. Your goals and aspirations become ours, and they serve as the blueprint for the strategy moving forward. Additionally, clients may opt to receive a free Fit3D Proscanner assessment. This will serve as the benchmark and provide a reference for any future physical fitness improvements.

All of our consultations are 100% free and include a tour of the gym and a 1-1 training session. To get started with booking your free personal training consultation, just fill out the form or give us a call!

Free fitness consultation and personal training session for new Grove City clients
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